Monday, September 26, 2016

Mondays...sprinkled with love

Sometimes, after a long weekend of this and that, it's nice to know we're starting off a new week (particularly Mondays!) with a fresh start to do the impossible. To follow our dreams;  to set out and conquer the world! Uh huh So, happy Monday from my end of the world! I'm tossing out sprinkles of love....grab a bucket and catch some! ;)

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sunday Sketches (From England)

It's been in the low 60's this past week here in Scarborough. With the brisk wind and falling leaves, it seems Autumn is pushing its way in earlier than expected. Nothing seemed more fitting than to do a quick doodle of a fuzzy bear in his woolly sweater with a perfect hot cuppa in hand. Pictured above is the before/after, as it's always fun to see where our ideas start and finish when sketching out stories from our creative imagination.

With that said, I fear this will be a shorter post than my recent ones as I'm working on a tight deadline for the current children's book I'm illustrating. Stay tuned for a brand new peek. You really don't want to miss it. (wink)

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