Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sunday Sketches (Grandpa's Lamp, Pt. 2)

Last Sunday I shared with you a preliminary sketch of Jacob and his grandfather's lamp. This week, I'm sharing with you the finalized piece. It took some time trying to decide not just what colors worked well with this clothing in this snow scene but how to best portray the lit lamp. It was a bit of a struggle but finally came to what I felt was perfect for this heart-tugging illustration, drawing the reader in to want to know more about Jacob's journey.

Please do accept my apologies for still needing to make rounds for last week's Sunday Sketches. I hope to be all caught up be the end of this evening. Happy Sunday Sketches!

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Friday, January 13, 2017

A wintry new year

Just a quick little morning doodle before diving back into work. With a pressing deadline, there's not much time to "play" at the moment. For now, enjoy this little girl, booing the snow that's on its way once again this afternoon. This past Sunday, we received about 11+ inches of snow with record temperatures, leaving things quite cold and icy. We've had quite the wintry new year already! Brrr!

More soon and I promise to catch up with my lovely Sunday Sketches peeps!